Tuesday 20 January 2009 at 7.30pm

    Symphony Hall, Birmingham +44 (0)121 345 0600

    Michael Seal  conductor
    Anthony Marwood  Violin

    Korngold: Much Ado About Nothing - Suite 21'
    Korngold: Violin Concerto 23'
    Brahms: Symphony No. 1 45'
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    Unfairly derided by snootier critics as ‘more corn than gold’ on account of the composer’s successful Hollywood career, the lush music of Erich Wolfgang Korngold has won a huge audience in recent years. His 1945 violin concerto, which draws on three of his film scores, has become a particular favourite with violinists, while his music for a 1920 Vienna production of Shakespeare’s comedy also contains music of great charm and wit.

    Korngold’s father Julius was an important supporter of Brahms in Vienna, and his majestic First Symphony concludes a warmly romantic programme.

    Pre-concert talk at 6.15pm
    Pure Gold

    Critic, biographer and blogger Jessica Duchen introduces the music of E.W. Korngold.